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Catherine’s Choice™ Anodin Plus helps stop pain in joints and muscles – and helps keep it from coming back! Anodin Plus helps your body build healthy cartilage and keep your joints well lubricated with glucosamine, MSM and hydrolyzed collagen. And it gives you immediate relief with a battery of herbal ingredients that nip pain in the bud. GOES TO WORK FAST…

Anodin Plus gives fast relief for stiff joints and sore muscles with patented IsoOxygene, plus more than 20 added vitamins, minerals and herbal pain relievers including the natural COX2 and 5Lo inhibitors, powdered gingerroot and Baikal skullcap. 20 times more potent than any other botanical that has been tested, IsoOxygene works better, faster, and longer, thanks to a “microencapsulation” process that releases it into your system gradually over hours.

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